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A Little About Me

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

People. Nature. Connection. Creativity.

These are the most important things in my life aside from my family. I have found if I am meeting my needs to engage with all of these things, I am content.

I have moved about a dozen times in the past decade. I left home from Ohio at the age of 18 and landed in Sandpoint, Idaho through a high school internship at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. There I became infatuated with the west and decided to call it home. I lived there for about 3 years until I got an opportunity to work in Utah at a wilderness therapy program as a backpacking guide for at-risk youth.

After that, I made it my goal to work in the outdoors while helping people in some capacity. I lived in Moab, Utah doing wilderness therapy and then worked at an educational organic farm. I lived in Jackson, Wyoming working as a snowboard instructor and at the group home for youth. I also lived in Salt Lake City, Utah working at a wilderness therapy company and therapeutic boarding school. And most recently, I lived in Colorado and worked at a transitional living program. No matter where I have lived, these things have always been important to me: getting outside, building community, finding creative outlets and helping people.

While in Utah I met my wonderful and amazing husband Travis. We met while working at Second Nature Wilderness Therapy in Utah. I always thought I would find my life partner in the woods. He is the kind of person who can make you laugh and cry all in the same story. He also gives it to you straight and has a moral compass of a boy scout, which I admire. He is one of those people who keeps in touch with friends FOREVER. Like if you become friends, he will make it a point to keep in touch. I'm not even kidding, the man has some of the most amazing, fun, hilarious, and weird friends in the world.

We started dating and about a year later we decided to move to Colorado. In Colorado I decided to start my photo business where I did that part time while working at a transitional living program. We loved it in Colorado and spent almost five years there.

Then last December Travis got the opportunity of a lifetime to work as a Field Director at BlueFire Wilderness Therapy. So we packed up our family, and headed to Twin Falls, Idaho. (Oh yeah, somewhere in there we got married and had a beautiful baby boy named Wyatt! Will share more about his birth in a later post.) So we have been here since January and I am back in school for Social Work while raising our son and Travis has already been promoted to Program Director at his company and he is thriving there.

Throughout all these adventures and moves, I have consistently had a creative outlet. My photography has been a consistent one. Even as a child I loved shooting photos. My father was a wedding photographer and I remember always loving the camera. Not only being in front of it, but taking pictures as well. I found a real passion for it when I took multiple photography classes in high school and built my own darkroom in my basement so that I could do even more photography than just at school. Nowadays I am shooting with a powerful Canon D5 Mark II which is a beast of a machine compared to my old Minolta camera I used in the film days. But creativity evolves as technology does, right?

Anyway, I have taken on photography as my sole income right now. So please check out some of my work and feel free to drop me an email or message anytime. I am working on building my community here in Twin Falls, so all messages or hellos are welcome!

Laura Scheele Photography

625 Addison Ave. 

Twin Falls, ID 83301


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